We love our completely renovated bathroom and the fact that we got our washer and dryer in the same room is awesome. Thank you again to you and your crews for doing what everyone else told us was impossible.--Scott M.

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Bathroom Remodeling Santa Monica

Nothing seems more relaxing than having a hot shower or bath after a long tiring day. Allow us to transform your old bathroom to a work of art. Bathroom remodeling is our specialty and we will provide you with top-notch service. Whether you require a simple light fixture or a full on bathtub and sink repair, Tcwrc Contractors Santa Monica is the right contracting company for you.

Tcwrc Contractors Santa Monica provides quality bathroom remodeling services to its customers from start to finish. We’ll supply you with a free estimate and tips on how to prepare your bathroom before the remodeling begins. Before starting the actual renovation process, our team of contractors will present you with a blueprint design of your bathroom. All the products that we use are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Top reasons why to choose Tcwrc Contractors Santa Monica
- Quality Remodeling Services
- Licensed and Insured Contractors
- Lifetime Warranty on all products
- Affordable Prices Guarantee
- Proper care is taken during the process of remodeling
- Free No Obligation House Remodeling Estimate

We are proud to be a leading bathroom remodeling company in Santa Monica. We specialize in the idea in completion of eco-friendly bathroom renovation projects, which means that our contractors will work with you to make sure that your bathroom is designed around your lifestyle.

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